Artist sat in a black jacket with his dog looking directly to the camera

Conrad Jon Godly

Terror, beauty and natural grandeur layered on canvas.

“A good painting can be a poem without words.”

Having grown up surrounded by the Swiss Alps, there is a muscle-memory in Godly’s work. The canvases are almost sculptural, with lathered oil paint curling up from the surface and out of the frame. His bold gestural brush strokes, with a sharp minimalist sensibility, embody what the artist calls the ‘essence’ of his subjects: dramatic, unspoilt natural landscapes. The philosophy behind this ‘essen...

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Conrad Jon Godly was born in 1962 in Davos, Switzerland, and went on to study at Basel School of Art.


After his time at art school, Godly took an 18 year hiatus from painting. In this time, he worked as a professional photographer - predominantly in fashion and advertising.


Works placed in collections internationally such as the Daros Collection, UBS Bank, Credit Swiss and the Swiss National Bank.

Collaborations with Conrad Jon Godly