Conrad Jon Godly

Nevertheless #20


Conrad Jon Godly is a contemporary Romantic whose nature paintings embody the sublime. Nevertheless #20 exemplifies the artist's gravitation to mountainous landscapes and his signature thick, gestural brushstrokes.

Edition size
20 editions
Framed: 93cm x 79cm x 3cm
Unframed: 73cm x 63cm
5 colour screen print, including 4 layers with pearlescent finish, on PLIKE black paper.
Framing Options
Print mounted using archival Japanese paper loops on acid-free mount board, float-mounted inside a white painted wooden frame, fitted with UV Plexiglass for protection.
Unique hand-finished titling by the artist.
Release date
January 21, 2021
More about Conrad Jon Godly

Conrad Jon Godly was born in 1962 in Davos, Switzerland, and went on to study at Basel School of Art.