hand-finished silkscreen print by Barry McGee

Untitled (Hand-finished)

€ 3.500

hand-finished untitled silkscreen print by Barry McGee
Unframed: 78cm x 50cm
Framed: 86cm x 58cm x 3cm
Prints can be ordered float-mounted in a bespoke oak frame with one of two acrylic glazing options. 
14 colour silkscreen printed in 28 layers on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White paper, hand-finished by the artist with spray paint and gouache.
Individually signed and numbered on reverse, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
Certificate of Authenticity
Arrives with a certificate of authenticity
As well as being signed and numbered, every print will be blessed by the artist.
Release date
November 09, 2023

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  • Barry McGee walking towards a wall tagged 'TWIST'
    Brothers Marshall, Malibu
  • squeegee pulling fluorescent pink ink across a mesh screen
    Make-Ready, London

Behind the scenes

  • Barry McGee blessing hand-finished prints with a branch
  • Barry McGee painting a smiling dog in gouache with a fine brush
  • fluorescent pink ink dripping beneath a small rubber squeegee
  • tin of fluorescent pink ink mixed for a silkscreen print by Barry McGee
  • printmaker operating the silkscreen press for a print by Barry McGee

Reviews from Avant collectors

  • I love it! beautifully framed.Thanks

  • The unboxing was wonderful! Great work! This was a total experience!

  • Wonderful experience. Art looks amazing. Unbelievable framing. Thank you!!

  • thank you very much. Everything was perfect. You went above my expectations (quality of packaging, frame, goodies). It was a really great experience.

  • I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality and efficiency of your service. I've purchased art from various sources before, and some are still keeping me waiting. Consequently, I'm now a big admirer of your service. Thank you!

  • perfect customer service! thank you

  • this piece is legendary. So so happy with this purchase. Finally, my own Decendent sculpture!

  • so impressed with packaging! stunning print!