signed silkscreen print by Sarah Morris

Industry (Spiderweb)

€ 3.500

signed silkscreen print by Sarah Morris

Behind the scenes

  • close up shot of print and colour swatches
  • exposed screen leaning against a printing press
  • yellow and green printing screen prepared with a graphic artwork
  • exposed printing screen on the press, ready to print
  • man obscured by a large silkscreen print which he is carrying across a workshop

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • beautiful! thank you

  • love the packaging of the print. superb.

  • The unboxing was wonderful! Great work! This was a total experience!

  • It's awesome! The artwork quality is superb! I really really loved everything you did - the gloves, the totem bag, the letter... amazing! Thanks so much!

  • The print itself is of the highest quality and above expectations. The packaging also is of the highest level.

  • Wonderful experience. Art looks amazing. Unbelievable framing. Thank you!!

  • love the quality and care put into the work. love it and cant wait to hang it at home.

  • Looks really great - high quality print arrived in perfect condition. Thank You!