artist Cui Jie standing in her studio

Cui Jie

Surreal compositions document ever-evolving cityscapes and the histories they contain.

"A city is a living ecosystem, and things are all interwoven with one another in their own ways."

Cui reflects on rapid economic growth via architectural painting, drawing and 3D sculpture. Wielding spray paint, coloured pencil and torn sheets of draft paper, her surreal compositions reveal an epic world-vision where Russian Constructivism meets vast expanses of Colour Field Abstraction. Having lived in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, Cui paints from observation. However, rather than being an...

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Cui Jie was born in 1983 in Shanghai, China, and now lives and works in Beijing.


The artist's work draws on specific architectural elements from the cities she has called home, most prominently Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. Surfaces are often examined and documented under sunlight to elicit the reflections explored in her paintings.

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In addition to group and solo shows around the world, Cui has been featured in eminent art world publications Frieze and LEAP.

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