Danielle Orchard sitting in a chair in her studio with paint covered overalls on

Danielle Orchard

Women indulging in solitude

“I enjoy seeing the record of my energy and emotions, so even a bad studio day is still ultimately interesting. Even when it's devastating.”

Danielle Orchard paints women in quiet moments of contemplation. They are usually depicted in their inner sanctum, like the privacy of their own bed. The poised angular bodies in paintings like Yellow Bathroom (2022) resemble Picasso’s early Cubist work. Unlike in Picasso’s paintings, Orchard’s women do not exist solely for the viewer’s pleasure. They are busying themselves with the all-consuming...

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Danielle Orchard was born in 1985 in Michigan City, Indiana. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


According to Perrotin’s New York director Ariel Kliegerman, “there’s a waitlist for her work, and it’s growing by the day.”


“A game I have is to choose a colour I think is particularly unappealing, that is not in my wheelhouse, and I’ll try to get it to work for me.”

Collaborations with Danielle Orchard