Portrait of Sun-Kyo Park in front of one of his paintings

Sun-Kyo Park

A contemporary portrait of South Korea

“My goal is for everyone to live independently, and to recognise each as an independent person”

Sun-Kyo Park sees individual and collective life as deeply entwined. Using acrylic on canvas, he depicts figures against stark backgrounds in a graphic style, based on himself, his friends and strangers. Often sat cross-legged, they tell the story that everyone is born equal, but everyone is different. By repeating their poses, their unique qualities stand out like a game of spot the difference. I...

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Sun-Kyo Park (he/him) was born in 1990 in Jeonju, South Korea. He now lives and works in Seoul.

Did you know?

Park was raised in a religious family. His family held District Worship, a weekly event in their own home. It brought people from different churches together to share hymns, food and stories.

Gallery shows

Inspired by communal worship, Park’s Cross-legged (2021-22) series was the basis for his first solo show with Woaw gallery, titled Huddle Around (2022).

Collaborations with Sun-Kyo Park

Avant Arte and Sun-Kyo Park have one upcoming collaboration.