Marina Perez Simao sitting on a chair in front of several colourful paintings

Marina Perez Simão

Landscapes from a parallel universe

“There's the real world, and then there's my studio – they are separate. It's another world for me. It's a sacred space.”

If Marina Perez Simão paints landscapes, then they’re landscapes from another world. Soft curves morph into impossible forms – like a sun sandwiched between two vertical mountains, or a sky full of waves. In fact, many of Perez Simão’s otherworldly environments are inspired by Brazil where “it doesn’t only rain, but it pours and it feels like the world is going to end”. Her paintings are an expres...

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Marina Perez Simão (she/her) was born in 1980 in Vitoria, Brazil. She lives and works in São Paulo.


Encouraged by her father, Perez Simão went to art school and law school at the same time.

In their words

“The learning will never stop, I have this impression that until the day I die I will never stop learning. It's infinite.”

Collaborations with Marina Perez Simão