Face Oka standing in front of a wall with his paintings

Face Oka

A masterclass in mischief

“I became more enamoured with the face as I drew it more often. Then I ended up only drawing this face.”

Face Oka translates the world around him into a distinct, comical style. He borrows figures from adverts and cartoons, giving each a solid black outline. Sometimes people are reduced to graphic shapes and colours, while others are painted more realistically. Regardless, everyone is given Oka’s signature smiley face, either the right or wrong way up. Although his work appears digital, he actually p...

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Face Oka was born in 1984 in Tokyo, Japan, where he continues to live and work.

Did you know?

Face Oka used to draw people’s portraits at events and music festivals. This helped him to hone his style, simplifying faces down to the bare essentials.


He has illustrated for an array of brands and magazines. These include Disney, Adidas, BEAMS, GOODHOOD, Sneeze Magazine and Richardson Magazine.

Collaborations with Face Oka

Avant Arte and Face Oka have one upcoming collaboration.