Portrait of Frederic Plateus in his studio

Frédéric Platéus

Succinct sport-inspired reliefs balance pop culture and design.

“I like assembling my work as if they are puzzles, creating objects to put on walls that feel like sculptural paintings.”

Frédéric Platéus is a self-taught artist who aestheticises a wealth of his own interests from motorsports to space travel. His signature ‘Anabolic Panels’ are abstract reliefs that contain bulging PVC compositions. After being carefully designed, each individual panel is cut from wood, stretched, and sealed with heat onto custom-made PVC. When assembled, Platéus screen-prints onto the glossy surfa...

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Frédéric Platéus was born in 1976 in Belgium and currently lives and works in Liège.


The artist's distinctive, bulging works realise fine art archetypes - Mondrian's colour planes, Pop Art's commercial aesthetics - using unprecedented techniques and materials.


Work featured in collections including BPS22, Parliament of the French Community of Belgium and his home country's National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.

Collaborations with Frédéric Platéus