George Rouy sitting with his arms folder in his studio

George Rouy

Oddly alluring lo-fi figuration.

“It’s less about narratives and more about emotions – akin to life.”

Mysterious figures inhabit George Rouy’s large-scale acrylic canvases. Rather than depicting specific individuals, he paints feelings and memories – half-remembered glimpses of dancing bodies in nightclubs meld with intimate personal moments. The ultra-smooth textures draw from digital culture, recalling beauty filters on social media. Rouy uses technology in his process as well, drafting composit...

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George Rouy was born in 1994 in Kent, UK, and now lives and works in London.

At Auction

2018 painting Through the Window was purchased for £30,000 in a Phillips auction – more than three times its upper estimate.


Still early in his career, Rouy has already exhibited internationally – notably at Foundation Cartier in Paris and X Museum in Shanghai.

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Collaborations with George Rouy