Satoru Koizumi concentrating on a sculpture in front of him

Satoru Koizumi

Emotive carvings entwine human and animal in a quiet critique of modernity.

The rich histories of Japanese wood carving are central to Koizumi’s practice. When Buddhism was first introduced to the country, most Buddhas were made in gilt bronze, but soon carvings made from the trees abundant in Japan’s natural landscape became the norm. In time, the increasing popularity of Zen Buddhism - which rejected idolatry - saw many sculptors switch their attention to creating archi...

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Satoru Koizumi was born in 1983 in Japan, and currently lives and works in rural prefecture Okinawa.

At Auction

Painted wooden sculpture Arabian Oryx was purchased at auction for $74,817, almost triple its estimated price.

Did you know?

The traditional woodworking tools best-suited to the artist's practice are no longer widely manufactured, meaning that as well as his artworks, he also makes many of his own tools.

Collaborations with Satoru Koizumi