Haroshi looking at the camera wearing a cap


A self-taught sculptor effortlessly straddling pop, fine art and subcultural spheres.

“These days I cut skateboards more than I ride them.”

Haroshi is a self-taught sculptor whose subculture-inspired practice effortlessly straddles spheres of pop and fine art. His signature wooden sculptures are made from recycled skateboards, taking form in toy-like figurines which blend together features of human and animal. Colourful concentric patterns are the byproduct of his one-of-a-kind technique where stacks of skateboards are glued together...

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Haroshi was born in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan, where he continues to live and work.


With a penchant for wearable art, the artist has collaborated with fashion brands including Nike, Eastpak, Uniqlo and Pangaia.

Did you know?

In 2018 his booth at Miami Beach with NANZUKA was an instant sellout. Visitors were invited to skate on an enormous ramp installation crafted by hand from hundreds of recycled skateboards.

Collaborations with Haroshi

Avant Arte and Haroshi have one upcoming collaboration.