In the studio
Jen Stark

Jen Stark’s work appears as a complex reflection of positivity. Two days before her show “Multiplicity” opening at LA’s Wilding Cran Gallery the artist is calm; no drama taints the horizon.

Organic elements, maths and sacred geometry meet a powerful color spectrum reminiscent of artists like Yayoi Kusama, Sol Lewitt, Tara Donovan, Tom Friedman and the Finish Fetish artists of the 60s. “Colour brings joy and inspiration to people’s lives” she explains. In front of the viewer’s eye a vibrant dance unfolds and extends an invitation to enter a meditative state, a drowsy consciousness of ancient spirit with sharp optical character.

Even though recently more black and white has started to creep into her motives, colour and movement remain the main components of Stark’s visual language, regardless of what exact form the final work may take. Initially trained in sculpture, she is an artist of many mediums: in 2015 the Stark created an animation for MTV’s famed VMA’s, her 60-metre-long mural “Chromatic Cascade” adorns the Arts District in Los Angeles since 2017 and this year, in 2018, she launched a collaboration with the iconic footwear brand VANS.

All along the way Jen Stark has been inspired by nature, its endless forms and the use of colour as an attractant or repellent. Los Angeles offers a broad spectrum of natural spectacles; mountains, forests, the ocean. In the close-by desert of Joshua Tree the light changes with every part of the day as if directed by a psychedelic choreography.

There is a strong commitment to this landscape—Jen Stark does not only want to take from it but also give back to it simultaneously. Having created successful public installations like “Tunnel Vision” in Santa Monica, Stark wants to take this idea a step further and invent a sculpture which directly supports the environment and serves the people of the community. “As artists it’s our responsibility to make the world a better place” she muses.

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