Jen Stark

Jen Stark looks to the complex systems of nature to guide dizzying experiments in visual perception.

Stark’s technicolour, iterative approach to pattern spans multiple mediums including drawing, painting, installation, sculpture, and animation. Her work explores visual systems in relation to patterns found in nature like fractals, mimetic topographies and sacred geometries. She has become an international name with commissions and collaborations for global brands such as Vans, Facebook, and Google, as well as masterminding Miley Cyrus’ psychedelic backdrops and props for the MTV VMA’s in 2015.

  • Work in the permanent collections of Smithsonian American Art Museum; The West Collection; Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; The Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale; MOCA, Miami
  • Multiverse record breaking NFT sale for 150 Ethereum to 3FMusic, 2021
  • Dimensionality, solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery, New York City, NY, 2019
  • Custom made by Jen Stark, collaboration with Vans, 2018
  • Multiplicity, solo show at Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles, 2018
  • MTV VMA Awards backdrop for host Miley Cyrus, 2015
  • Over 20 public art installations, including an immersive mural at Miami International Airport in 2014
Abyss by Jen Stark
Abyss, Jen Stark, 2011. Courtesy of the artist
“Good art should be inclusive rather than exclusive.”

Stark’s contemporary pop art is inspired by fractal geometry, natural and digital networks, Op Artists like Bridget Riley and Marina Apollonio as well as the Finish Fetish artists of 1960s Los Angeles. Harnessing the power of line, colour and repetition, she creates works that warp, bulge and vibrate with a kinetic energy of their own.

Mono Chrome, Jen Stark, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.
Centrifugal , Jen Stark, 2010. Courtesy of the artist.

Consciousness and spirituality are central to Stark’s practice. Mono Chrome (2017) is a large wooden relief made of swirling rings of white, grey and black that swell from a central core. While each individual tone is flat, together they shift, flow and merge,  reminiscent of Tony Conrad’s experimental film, Flicker (1966). The restless concentric rings blur senses and encourage the viewer to lose themself in an altered state of perception — much like meditation, or an acid trip.

“My portals are inspired by dissection, topographical maps, erosion and geodes.”
Jen Stark Studio Shoot
Jen Stark Studio Shoot

With an admiration for the complex networks of organic matter, Stark bases her work on the inherent mathematical precision of nature. The Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence appear throughout her practice, in the shell-like forms of works such as Centrifugal (2010), or in recurring motifs of sinking, flower-like black holes in works like Abyss (2011). Through her art, Stark elucidates how the big and the small often echo one another in nature — toying with perception and bending senses to dizzying effect.

All artworks and images courtesy of the artist.
Studio shoot by Justin Chung

Jen Stark Studio Shoot
Jen Stark Studio Shoot
Jen Stark Studio Shoot
Jen Stark Studio Shoot

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