Jenny Brosinski sits with a knee raised towards her face

Jenny Brosinski

Pushing the limits of mark-making to their core essence.

"In my paintings I create, combine and discard - I create my own very personal rules, only to be able to finally break them."

Jenny Brosinski’s large abstract paintings are fast and automatic. The compositions are dominated by barren, pastel-hued unprimed canvas, punctuated by the artist’s trademark scribbles. To create the works, Brosinski uses a range of materials including acrylic, charcoal, spray-paint, dirt, and olive oil; and she often puts her canvases through the washing machine or soaks them in the shower. Eleme...

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Jenny Brosinski was born in 1984 in Celle, Germany, and now lives and works in Berlin.


She grew up in a practical household, a family of craftspeople, and knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue life as an artist.


With a committed following of fans and collectors, Brosinski's original works command prices as high as €15,000.

Collaborations with Jenny Brosinski