Jenny Brosinski

Pushing the limits of mark-making to their core essence.

Jenny Brosinski was born in 1984 in Celle, Germany, and now lives and works in Berlin.


She grew up in a practical household, a family of craftspeople, and knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue life as an artist.


With a committed following of fans and collectors, Brosinski's original works command prices as high as €15,000.

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Practice overview

Jenny Brosinski’s large abstract paintings are fast and automatic. The compositions are dominated by barren, pastel-hued unprimed canvas, punctuated by the artist’s trademark scribbles. To create the works, Brosinski uses a range of materials including acrylic, charcoal, spray-paint, dirt, and olive oil; and she often puts her canvases through the washing machine or soaks them in the shower. Elements of text appear throughout, recalling snippets of a teenagers’ diary or the defaced door of a nightclub toilet cubicle. Abstraction, neo-expressionism and minimalism are all key influences, as well as cartoons, automatic writing and contemporary artists such as Rose Wiley and Sterling Ruby. Through layering and negative space, the works explore memory, truth - and the possibilities of painting itself.

Brosinski has a reductionist approach to her process. She starts by paring down the compositions to their most essential elements. Once she has established the painting’s foundation, she adds juxtaposing layers - usually just one or two small moments of contrast on the composition. In this sense, Brosinski uses a methodology to create her pieces, rather than a preconceived image or idea. Always testing the potential of the canvas, Brosinski’s contemporary abstract painting scopes the ‘essence’ of line, colour and gesture.

"In my paintings I create, combine and discard - I create my own very personal rules, only to be able to finally break them."Jenny Brosinski