portrait photo of Jonny Niesche sitting in his studio

Jonny Niesche

Incandescent, neon-hued minimalism.

"I always try to push the boundaries of taste.”

Jonny Niesche reduces painting and sculpture to their most fundamental forms: colour, light and perception. His abstract compositions ooze from the centre outwards in swathes of carefully rendered pastel hues. With symmetrical rectangular forms, the works are evocative of Minimalist sculptors such as Anne Truitt and Donald Judd. Instead of seeing his works as painting or sculpture, the artist sees...

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Jonny Niesche was born in 1972 and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.


The artist originally pursued a career in experimental music in New York, only discovering his passion for art upon his return to Australia before enrolling as a Visual Arts student at Sydney University.


His work is featured in collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Museum of Old and New Art; Hobart and Artbank, Australia.

Collaborations with Jonny Niesche