Artist Khari Turner smiling wearing a red sweatshirt

Khari Turner

Memories ebb and flow through soulful, meditative canvases.

“If I met my ancestors at the edge of the ocean, would I bring flowers?”

Khari Turner’s impressionistic paintings set their obscured Black subjects adrift in waves of memory. Water is a major source of inspiration, especially its relationship to the African American experience: recalling the transatlantic slave trade, racially segregated swimming pools of the mid-20th century and the artist’s own childhood on the shores of Lake Michigan. It is depicted stylistically th...

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Khari Turner (he/him) was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1991, and now lives and works in New York.


Turner held his first New York solo-show, Breathing Water to Air, at Ross-Sutton Gallery in the summer of 2021. In 2022 his work will be presented at the Venice Biennale.

Did you know?

Water collected from places of personal importance is mixed into Turner's paint, including the Milwaukee River, the Hudson River and the coast of Senegal.

Collaborations with Khari Turner