Moe Nakamura portrait infront of wooden sculpture

Moe Nakamura

Hopeful wood sculptures reminisce on youth

“I would like to work by believing in the faint light that lurks in what seems to be only darkness.”

Moe Nakamura believes in hope. “From the moment we are born, the only way to establish ourselves is by believing in a world that has already been created by others." Optimistically, she believes in the world but she’s also critical of how it could be better. Nakamura is inspired by Japanese folklore, nature and kawaii figures – soft and plastic toys similar to anime characters which are often brig...

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Moe Nakamura (she/her) was born in 1988 in Tokyo. She lives and practices in Tokyo, Japan, where she works from a small studio.


Nakamura did both a Bachelor's and Master’s of Fine art at Joshibi University. She graduated from the Department of Painting in 2010 and 2012, respectively.


She has taken part in over forty international shows since 2012. Nakamura has exhibited in Rome, London, Jakarta and Taipei.

Collaborations with Moe Nakamura