Nina Chanel wears brown jacket and beanie

Nina Chanel Abney

Art for the very-online generation

“I’m not going to give you one story, because I’m more than one thing.”

Nina Chanel Abney embraces information overload as a fact of modern life. Playful compositions feature solid blocks of colour, numbers, and mismatched figures that reference ideas outside of the canvas, but still exist within Abney’s vast universe. Hidden amongst the visual barrage are nuanced narratives on race, gender, sexuality, class and history. Abney has created a rich language of symbols an...

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Nina Chanel Abney (she/her) was born in Illinois in 1989. She lives and works in New York City.


Abney’s first degree was in studio art and computer science, so it’s no surprise that she’s embraced digital media in her art.

Did you know?

Abney’s mother is also a painter, Abney fell in love with painting through experimenting with her mother’s art supplies at home. Her first commissions were portraits of celebrities for her classmates.

Collaborations with Nina Chanel Abney

Avant Arte and Nina Chanel Abney have one upcoming collaboration.