Okokume in her studio


An alter ego takes on climate change

“I know that maybe the message will not reach everyone, but I will be happy if I can at least reach some people”

Okokume addresses the climate crisis through her alter ego, Cosmic Girl. This character reappears throughout Okokume’s paintings, with her signature blue skin and pink hair. Her goal? To spread a message of eco-consciousness. As Okokume says, "she travels in space and tends to the planets in need and restores them to their former glory." When painting, Okokume uses a mixture of acrylics, oil paste...

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Okokume – a.k.a Laura Mas – was born in Mataró, Spain in 1985. She lives and works in Barcelona, where she shares a studio with her partner.


Okokume attended an art academy in her hometown from the age of 8. She then studied at the Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design in Barcelona. Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro are some of the school’s most well-known alumni.

Gallery Shows

She has exhibited in galleries and fairs worldwide. Her work has been shown in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, Los Angeles and Berlin, amongst others.

Collaborations with Okokume

Avant Arte and Okokume have one upcoming collaboration.