Cosmic Girl hero image


€ 850

Cosmic Girl hero image

Behind the scenes

  • Diamond dust application
  • Okokume hand finishing painting in gold paint
  • First layer of Okokume
  • Second layer of Okokume
  • Print colour layer of Okokume

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Gorgeous! Really blown away by the packaging.

  • Super stoked... exceeded expectations. Great framing and packaging and love the extra details in the authenticity card, bag, stickers.

  • What a breathtakingly beautiful art print! What a great service!

  • It was beautifully packaged and was a joy to unbox. The piece itself is stunning, especially for the price.

  • We really appreciate AA being a trusted partner in our collecting journey. The quality offerings that AA helps bring to the market continue to impress.

  • You did a great job with the framing and the packing/shipping. I buy a lot of prints from different vendors and was very impressed.

  • You are the best in the business and the nicest people to do business with. Thank you!!

  • very impressed with the quality of packaging and the high level finish of thr framing & artwork! look forward to pucharing more pieces in the future.