Sola Olulode - HF Print

Laying in the Grass (Hand-finished)

€ 800

Sola Olulode - HF Print

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  • Artist Sola Oluloede hand-finishing her print in her studio - close up

Art world insights

  • a woman wearing a colourful cardigan sitting down and looking into the camera
    Sola Olulode is looking at black joy and black love, and the softness of community.Aindrea Emelife

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Excellent service from Avant Arte! Thank you!

  • love the packaging of the print. superb.

  • beautiful! thank you

  • this piece is legendary. So so happy with this purchase. Finally, my own Decendent sculpture!

  • What a breathtakingly beautiful art print! What a great service!

  • The piece looks great and we love having it in our home and added to our collection! Thanks so much...

  • Love, love, love this piece of amazing work...from the craftmanship, brilliance of the colors, to the title it is fire! My new fave...among many other favorites! The treatment my framer gave it is delicious and aww inspiring...thanks Avant Arte!

  • appart from a incredible opportunity to own and enjoy an Ai Weiwei the packaging was exemplary. i have worked pretty much my whole life in the art and museum sector and this impressed me very much, well sone you guys 👍🏻