Lu Yang

Gong Tau Alien


Lu Yang's fascination with neuroscience and religion permeates her work.

Inspired by her experiments with digital simulation through which she manipulates her own body and brain, Gong Tau Alien continues this exploration. When plugged in, the work can be illuminated by an LED light.

Edition size
20 editions
25cm x 7cm x 7cm
The biochemical tank is made from zinc alloy, acrylic, and circuit board; the material inside is polypropylene acetate (made larger through water absorption); and the figure is made from resin.
Each comes with a signed, numbered, and dated certificate.
Release date
October 07, 2020
From the artist
Figure suspended in light-up canister, Gong Tau Alien by Lu Yang
More about Lu Yang

Lu Yang was born in 1984 in Shanghai, China, where they continue to live and work.