mountain pushing out of algorithmic landscape shrouded in orange light
Unframed: 67.5cm x 48.5cm
Framed: 77.5cm x 56.5cm x 3.5cm
Prints can be ordered float-mounted in one of two bespoke framing options. 
15 colour silkscreen print including 2 fluorescent colours on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White paper.
Individually signed and dated by the artist.
Release date
February 07, 2024

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  • Matt DesLauriers at Make-Ready

Behind the scenes

  • Sierra print on press with yelllow ink flood
  • colour swatches of Sierra print
  • CMYK layers of Sierra print
  • Acetate layers of Sierraa
  • Inspecting Sierra print
  • Sierra print on display board in print house