Pablo Tomek sitting in his studio in front of an artwork

Pablo Tomek

The hidden side of Paris

“Only do something when it makes sense, when it is connected to a concept and there is a reason to do it.”

Pablo Tomek dropped out of school for graphic design because he found it boring. He didn’t like following strict design guidelines and working to client’s briefs. It was very different to the freedom he felt doing graffiti in the streets of Paris with his friends as a teenager. As Tomek transitioned from graffiti to painting in the 2010s, his work became more and more abstract. Now, his bold, intu...

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Pablo Tomek (he/him) was born in Paris, 1988. He continues to live and work in the city.


Tomek collaborated with Virgil Abloh for the Off-White Pre-Fall 2017 show, adding his gestural painting to puffer jackets, trousers and t-shirts.

Early life

Tomek’s father was an amateur painter, exposing him to painting at an early age.

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Collaborations with Pablo Tomek

Avant Arte and Pablo Tomek have one upcoming collaboration.