Seth Globepainter

Uniting global childhoods

Seth Globepainter (he/him) was born in 1972 in Paris, where he lives and works.

TV Shows

Globepainter was the author and director of Les nouveaux explorateurs. A French TV series that he presented, produced by Canal+. Each show focused on a country and its local street artists – with accompanying Spotify playlists.


In 2000, Globepainter published Kapital: Un an de graffiti à Paris. It was a best-selling book about French urban artists – sold through his self-founded publishing house Wasted Talent, specialising in street art.

Follow up

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Collaborations with Seth Globepainter

Avant Arte and Seth Globepainter have one upcoming collaboration.

Practice overview

Seth Globepainter uses street art to highlight societal issues. A passionate, political artist, his main subjects are innocent children at play. He depicts fun illusions, where books and toys appear as symbols of escape into the imagination – a key tool for survival in poverty or war zones. For his street murals, he often uses the Trompe l’oeil technique, where a flat surface appears to be 3D. Globepainter often begins these murals by sketching directly on site. He then paints the giant, colourful scenes on a crane lift, using a mix of aerosol spray and brushwork.

Globepainter aims to serve the people where his murals are placed. His ideas often come from the local architecture and inhabitants. To do this, he involves the community and creates a dialogue with affected children. In 2019, he twice visited a school in Popasna, a war-torn area in Ukraine. There he created workshops that led to his large-scale mural Keep in touch (2019). In it, a girl and a boy hold hands – despite a crumbling wall dividing them. While advertising billboards promote consumerism as the route to happiness, Globalpainter's epic public art shares alternative values –; connectivity, social care and imagination.

“Painting children having fun in a world on the brink of collapse has extraordinary evocative power”.Seth Globepainter