Portrait of Seth Globepainter

Seth Globepainter

Uniting global childhoods

“Painting children having fun in a world on the brink of collapse has extraordinary evocative power”.

Seth Globepainter uses street art to highlight societal issues. A passionate, political artist, his main subjects are innocent children at play. He depicts fun illusions, where books and toys appear as symbols of escape into the imagination – a key tool for survival in poverty or war zones. For his street murals, he often uses the Trompe l’oeil technique, where a flat surface appears to be 3D. Glo...

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Seth Globepainter (he/him) was born in 1972 in Paris, where he lives and works.

TV Shows

Globepainter was the author and director of Les nouveaux explorateurs. A French TV series that he presented, produced by Canal+. Each show focused on a country and its local street artists – with accompanying Spotify playlists.


In 2000, Globepainter published Kapital: Un an de graffiti à Paris. It was a best-selling book about French urban artists – sold through his self-founded publishing house Wasted Talent, specialising in street art.

Collaborations with Seth Globepainter