A portrait shot from the back of Jordi Ribes in front of one of his paintings

Jordi Ribes

Quiet mystery in a fictional world

“My raw materials are de-contextualised images – I construct and create narratives from them.”

The imagined world of Jordi Ribes is as eerie as it is seductive. He paints with oil, applying rich pigments in very fine layers. The result is highly polished, almost computerised. Inspired by science fiction and comics, he depicts solitary figures on an adventure. They are often borrowed, but with their faces obscured – like Princess Leia, Pluto and the Michelin Man. Both film and classical art...

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Jordi Ribes (he/him) was born in Barcelona in 1972, where he continues to live and work.


Ribes' earliest inspiration came from video games, and he studied Graphic Design before making the transition to painting at the University of Barcelona.


His paintings are part of permanent collections across Spain. Some of these include Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Fundación Altadis, Fundación Vila Casas and Fundación Guasch Coranty.

Collaborations with Jordi Ribes

Avant Arte and Jordi Ribes have one upcoming collaboration.