Standing figure in coiled bath.

Hot blue bath

€ 2.000

Standing figure in coiled bath.

Behind the scenes

  • The etched plate for Jordi Ribes' print being inked by hand.
  • The etched plate for Jordi Ribes print edition
  • Jordi Ribes signs his print edition
  • Three prints by Jordi Ribes in the production studio

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Having purchased many items from outside NZ, I can say with sincerity, that the communications, packaging and delivery have been exemplary! A copybook experience for an online, overseas art purchase. Thank you!

  • the Service was perfect and i love my print

  • Great Packaging. Lovely print.

  • beautiful print. top notch

  • Extremely happy with the artwork but also the online insight to the production and interview with the artist. The shipping and packaging are very considered and I look forward to seeing ( & buying ) other pieces

  • I am extremely pleased with both the packaging and delivery of the piece. Your attention to detail in handling and packaging surpasses that of many galleries. Your commitment to respecting the artwork is truly commendable. Excellent job!

  • this piece is legendary. So so happy with this purchase. Finally, my own Decendent sculpture!

  • Lovely art work, very professional company, the packaging was incredible. The whole process was very impressive. i will purchase more. thanks!