Six N. Five

Creating realism from the unreal

Six N. Five is the studio of Ezequiel Pini’s work, an award-winning Argentinian designer and digital artist based in Barcelona.

On view

In 2022, Six N. Five have shown at the Venice Biennale, Moco Museum Barcelona and Amsterdam, the Collectible Design Fair in Brussels and Art Basel Switzerland.

Did you know?

Ezequiel’s morning ritual is to go out for some sport and tend to his garden, pulling all the dead leaves off and feeding his plants before entering his studio.

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Collaborations with this artist

Practice overview

Ezequiel Pini pushes the boundary between the real and the artificial. Creating experimental CGI imagery, films and physical collectibles, he come together to realise Six N. Five's main interest – continue to legitimize digital art as a medium of creation and artistic expression. As Pini has commented, “I really love the unlimited possibilities the Digital Art offers”. Until 2020, his illustrations of fantasy interiors and imaginary landscapes remained purely digital. Since then, he’s moved into bringing some ideas to life, crafting furniture from wood, jesmonite, limestone and marble. Hard materials are cast into curved shapes, reflecting the way sharp planes meet smooth orbs in their digital work. The use of pastel colours, Space Age design and reflective surfaces form their futuristic style. Surrealism also plays a part in the otherworldly nature of their imagery. His work resembles paintings by René Magritte among others, a founding father of Surrealism.

Pini and his collaborators take full advantage of the freedom CGI allows. The Revolt (2021) uses the medium to destroy as much as it creates, without any clean-up afterwards. A dream house, like something out of a Pinterest board, is smashed by mundane objects, those we tend to hide, and a grand act of revolt is joined. This exemplifies Six N. Five's use of technical know-how for rebellious and unexpected ends. Explosions and smoke clouds decorate unbelievable panoramas, all made possible by technology. Combining wild imagination and experience, he explores new worlds without leaving the studio.

“We create images, spaces and experiences both digital and physical. Always starting from 3D, so we create our own worlds.”Six N. Five