Artist smiling and resting a head on her hand sat in front of a flower

Super Future Kid

Immersive fantasy with an open invitation.

“Thinking back, it's kind of crazy how much those brutally raw pixel graphics of early games captured my imagination.”

Super Future Kid makes technicolour cartoonish painting, sculpture and installation. On canvas, ultra-smooth textures recall a digital rendering, but in fact are created by hand with spray paint and acrylic. The people in the paintings go about ordinary pastimes. The Notorious D.O.G. (2019) for example shows a man walking a dog, while Goldilocks (2018) depicts a muscly pink woman in a neon green b...

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Super Future Kid, real name Steffi Homa, was born in East Berlin in 1981, 9 years before Germany’s reunification. She now lives and works in London.


Super Future Kid’s show Two for Me, None for You in 2020 at Mindy Solomon Gallery was named “one of this year’s most immersive outings” by ARTNET.

Did you know?

According to the artist, the name Super Future Kid relates to her identity as a “professional child”. She stated “Even when I’m 120 years old one day, I’ll still be Super Future Kid!”.

Collaborations with Super Future Kid

Avant Arte and Super Future Kid have one upcoming collaboration.