TIDE cat reclining on pillow


Existential house cats in nostalgic monochrome.

"I don’t think about color. I like to express beautiful silhouettes which become blurred through color, and the impact fades.”

TIDE’s painting and sculpture has one mysterious protagonist at its heart – a cartoon cat. The monochromatic palette used throughout summons a sense of nostalgia, a considered choice by the artist which emboldens his romanced renditions of childhood hopes and dreams. TIDE experiments with depth and scale, often juxtaposing his flat, two-dimensional felines with three-dimensional backgrounds filled...

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Japanese artist TIDE, real name Tatsuhiro Ide, was born in 1984 and currently lives and works in Tokyo.

Did you know?

Following a period spent rendering seascapes in pencil, TIDE began using acrylic paint to coat a stuffed animal that belonged to his daughter, which he placed against a graphic, monochromatic background – a precedent he later reversed with simplistic figures set in elaborate surrounds.


One of TIDE's foremost artistic influences is the Japanese manga artist Shigeru Mizuki and his Yokai (ghosts of folklore), specifically recalling a work titled NonNonBa.

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