Wang Zhibo in the studio

Wang Zhibo

Distinct brushstrokes and earthy hues map out explorations of what is real.

"In my eyes, the objects are a group of autonomous mime performers, with their own storyline and scripts"

Wang Zhibo’s paintings invite intrigue. She paints unsettling works that examine our ideas of the world. Each work is grounded in a reality: a bowl of fruit, a statue, a mother and child. She then adds a surrealist edge, so that her distorted landscapes sit between the familiar and unfamiliar. The dark scenes of water have a melancholy feel – but their location is hard to read. Her limited palette...

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Wang Zhibo was born in 1981 in Zhejiang, China, and now lives between Hangzhou, China, and Berlin, Germany.


She was most recently chosen to feature in Phaidon’s 2022 anthology, Great Women Artists.


In 2008, she was the recipient of the prestigious international Luo Zhongli Scholarship, aimed at recent graduates from art colleges and university.

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Collaborations with Wang Zhibo

Avant Arte and Wang Zhibo have one upcoming collaboration.