Silkscreen print of painting by Wang Zhibo with abstract person sitting on the beach with two poodles posing in the background, in front of a red curtain

Wang Zhibo

15℃, Nationalistic Optimism by the Sea

Limited edition

Cool weather can’t mar a day at the beach in a surreal print by Wang Zhibo. 

In 15º, Nationalistic Optimism by the Sea, an abstract figure relaxes on the sand. Behind them hangs a deep red curtain, and beyond it stand two poised poodles. By obscuring her subject Zhibo also obscures the emotional conditions of the seaside scene. Its title provides the only clue, albeit cryptic, as to what's going on.

The painting, now transformed into a silkscreen print with pearlescent highlights, was inspired by the culture shock Zhibo experienced after moving to Germany and seeing people frequent the beach whatever the weather. Observing this prompted her to reflect on how the shared experience of simple pleasures can disguise unresolved sociopolitical tensions.

I don't think my painting has a conventional narrative about specific events at specific times and places. Emotions, in my view, can also serve as a main thread, or all emotions can occur simultaneously in a given moment.

Wang Zhibo

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  • amazing piece. love the frame and unbox experience

  • It's my 1st art piece and I love it! I wish I got it framed.

  • Having purchased many items from outside NZ, I can say with sincerity, that the communications, packaging and delivery have been exemplary! A copybook experience for an online, overseas art purchase. Thank you!

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