Heger and van den Berg

Voorheuvel 76, 3701 JG Zeist, Netherlands

Since its foundation in 1922, Heger en van den Berg has been offering office supplies. Heger en van den Berg offers a variety of products for both private and commercial customers. The webshop's own delivery service can be called unique, we simply deliver it to the place you wish.The location on the Voorheuvel in Zeist is now a perfect fit for us. Since 2014, together with 'De Nieuwe Boekerij', we formed the first duo store in Zeist. Unique for that time. At the beginning of 2018, the Nieuwe Boekerij was discontinued in the form of a brick and mortar shop, which gives us the space to do better justice to our range and even expand it. You will find the renewed office supply store at the back of our store. In and behind the right window you will find the luxurious pen corner: still a popular and beautiful gift! The art painting department has expanded considerably and offers a range of materials for both novice and advanced painters. The demonstration and workshop studio, in the basement, is a nice extension of this. Our framing shop on the first floor now has a much larger coat, with an additional range added. We now have a choice of about 1,000 profiles. All this is made in our own workshop. In the copy shop we are at your service with making all your (color) copies. We offer the possibility to enlarge an image or photo up to a meter wide, at competitive prices. And this while you wait.

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