Ayako Rokkaku hand-painting a large painting


€ 500

  • Artist paining on canvas with their hand, holding a paper bowl in the other hand
a colourful print edition by artist Ayako Rokkaku

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Behind the scenes

  • a colourful print edition by artist Ayako Rokkaku
  • a colourful print edition by artist Ayako Rokkaku
  • a colourful print edition by artist Ayako Rokkaku
  • two signs, one reading 'ayako rokkaku painting live' and the other with a countdown timer reading 22 hours
  • artist Ayako Rokkaku hand-painting a large white canvas
  • Ayako Rokkaku smiling in a grand atrium, wearing all black
  • Ayako Rokkaku looking up with a sense of wonder as she enters a room
  • large canvas being carried up a grand staircase – the person carrying it is hidden behind the canvas

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • what an amazing experience from top to bottom. The best communication, print quality and packing. This is my first time purchasing from you and I look forward to my next purchase.

  • 10/10 The customer service was great, it didn't take long to receive the package, the shipping was ultra safe and the entire presentation was top tier. Very impressed, cheers!

  • the item was some of the most professional packing i have seen outside of a museum. exceptionally well packed

  • Very efficient, delivered as advised and superbly packaged.

  • Fantastic packaging and very good service so Happy.

  • The piece arrived very safely packaged. We haven't yet had it framed, but I'm very excited to see it hanging in our space.

  • From start to finish, the process of purchasing, claiming the NFT counterpart, and receiving the framed piece was nothing short of excellent. My entire experience with Avant Arte displayed a level of professionalism and excellence across the board. Well done!

  • Great piece, arrived in excellent condition, thanks!