Bath - Saxum by James Jean

Bath Saxum

€ 7.500

Bath - Saxum by James Jean

Behind the scenes

  • a James Jean marble sculpture placed on a white windowsill
  • a James Jean marble sculpture photographed in-situ in a marble shower on a bronze tabletop
  • Bath - Saxum
  • Bath - Saxum by James Jean
  • James Jean's sketch of Bath

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  • its simply wonderful. the quality is beautiful. thanks to all at AA.

  • Super stoked... exceeded expectations. Great framing and packaging and love the extra details in the authenticity card, bag, stickers.

  • outstanding paper quality and excellent packaging. love it.

  • artwork is simply exquisite and Avant Arte’s customer service was exceptional as always. Thank you!

  • incredibly smooth international transaction! The best of the best and look forward to future purchases together

  • Had a great experience. The Avant Art team was extremely helpful throughout the entire transaction.

  • much better than rxpected. the print is high quality and the packaging professional

  • Thanks again for great collaboration and looking forward to new projects and pieces for my collection.