Tomokazu Matsuyama

Daylight Away


Tomokazu Matsuyama’s energetic, richly-layered works explore cultural identity in the age of the internet.

Realised via close collaboration with a team of master printmakers in London, the work’s shape emerges from a series exploring ceramic painting tradition, and attests the distinctive take on abstraction – both precise and ornate – that Matsuyama continues to progress alongside his figurative work.

Edition size
100 editions
Framed: 103.1cm x 58.3cm x 3.8cm
Custom-shaped digital print on 410gsm Somerset Satin Enhanced paper with screenprint details, high-gloss varnish highlights and metal leaf embellishments.
Framing Options
Arrives in a bespoke white frame contoured to match the print’s curved shape.
Individually signed and numbered.
Release date
December 03, 2021
From the artist
artist in paint-splattered denim shirt, leaning on a table on which a row of colourful prints are laid
There’s always a learning curve, but you have to end it somewhere.
Behind the scenes
More about Tomokazu Matsuyama

Tomokazu Matsuyama was born in 1976 in Japan and is now based in Brooklyn, New York.