Portrait of Omai rendered in gestural fuschia

Mai (Afterlife) after Sir Joshua Reynolds' Portrait of Mai (Omai), 1776

€ 1.000

Portrait of Omai rendered in gestural fuschia

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  • Elizabeth Peyton's Mai being looked at by Nicholas Cullinan at National Portrait Gallery

Behind the scenes

  • Abstract silkscreen with pink ink being pulled over
  • Pink paint being scraped of squeegee with gloved hands
  • Print layers displayed on board
  • Print being inspected

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Love my new Snowfro piece and all the little extras that came with it! The tote bag in particular is immaculate 🤌

  • much better than rxpected. the print is high quality and the packaging professional

  • very happy with everything, the piece is better than I expected. Taking it to the framer next week :) thanks!

  • Excellent quality and communication! excited to continue this relationship with Avant Arte and team, and explore more art

  • We really appreciate AA being a trusted partner in our collecting journey. The quality offerings that AA helps bring to the market continue to impress.

  • i loved the details of the note and gloves. well done!

  • we appreciate the care taken in transport. Our piece was unframed but we appreciated how the packaging was done to protect it and also extras like the information on the art and the tote bag. We love the art work.

  • very good quality of the print and very professional service 👍