a monochrome blanket with text printed on it reading 'Here & Now'
152.4cm x 127cm
Jacquard blanket woven from 80% pure wool and 20% cashmere with a combed cotton warp.
Woven label with artist’s signature affixed to reverse.
Release date
December 02, 2022

Go deeper

  • hundreds of white threads being drawn into a weaving machine
    The artist is someone who goes off on a voyage, and takes the trouble to come back and tell people what they saw.

Behind the scenes

  • a grid of spools of white thread
  • Hand pressing down on a row of taught white threads
  • Jacquard blanket being woven row by row
  • man inspecting a jacquard blanket through a small handheld magnifying glass
  • Blanket edge being stitched on a sewing machine