Jolly Bear

Jolly Bear

€ 1.750

Jolly Bear by Alake Shilling

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  • face of a custom figure character by artist Alake Shilling - close up

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality and efficiency of your service. I've purchased art from various sources before, and some are still keeping me waiting. Consequently, I'm now a big admirer of your service. Thank you!

  • i loved the details of the note and gloves. well done!

  • Fantastic packaging and very good service so Happy.

  • Gorgeous! Really blown away by the packaging.

  • Incredibly happy and impressed with the quality of what we received. Will definitely consider buying from Avante Arte again.

  • Wonderful work and very good quality production I hope to find a new work soon of him or of a artist that I like

  • its wonderful. i love buying from you all.

  • Thank you for paying attention to the details and for making even little peope feel grand. 🫶🏻