front side view of a silkscreen printed canvas tote with a collaged face on it and zebra print handles

Artist Bag

€ 99

printed canvas tote hanging on a metal pole above a mirrored plinth – filled with milk, photography paraphernalia and blue suede string

Behind the scenes

  • tote bag in the footwell of a moped with a red seat
  • tote bag printed with a graphic portrait, held by an unidentifiable figure wearing brown cargo pants
  • tote bag in the footwell of a moped with a bunch of keys dangling above it from the ignition
  • pale blue and black tote bag on a mirrored plinth with a bottle of milk and a camera inside
  • tote bag with a face on it hanging over the handlebars of a bike

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • This piece is lovely and out for framing. I actually want to buy another.

  • awesome experience all around, kudos to you all!

  • Very smooth transaction. The piece is beautiful. Can;t wait to get it framed.

  • 10/10 The customer service was great, it didn't take long to receive the package, the shipping was ultra safe and the entire presentation was top tier. Very impressed, cheers!

  • very professional service. increíble package delivered

  • incredible super premium packaging! the unboxing experience was wow! the piece is gorgeous, looking forward to hang it

  • simply one of the most well produced prints i have ever purchased. its absolutely beyond what i was expecting. so beautiful!!!

  • amazing experience throughout, from the actual purchase to the delivery. it was well package and the unboxing was a sweet experience! can’t wait to have it framed and to hang it on my wall!