printed canvas tote hanging on a metal pole above a mirrored plinth – filled with milk, photography paraphernalia and blue suede string
39cm x 36cm x 12cm
Silkscreen print on stiffened 100% organic cotton canvas bag, complete with an interior phone pocket and a black cotton cambric lining.
Interior label printed with artist’s signature.
Release date
August 03, 2023

Behind the scenes

  • tote bag in the footwell of a moped with a red seat
  • tote bag printed with a graphic portrait, held by an unidentifiable figure wearing brown cargo pants
  • tote bag in the footwell of a moped with a bunch of keys dangling above it from the ignition
  • pale blue and black tote bag on a mirrored plinth with a bottle of milk and a camera inside
  • tote bag with a face on it hanging over the handlebars of a bike