Elmgreen & Dragset

The Observer


Wry social critique prevails in the expansive oeuvre of Danish-Norweigan duo Elmgreen & Dragset.

Our second collaboration, The Observer, sets an ambiguous shirtless figure on an exposed balcony – loosely paralleling states of undress with arbitrary divisions of public and private space, all while prompting the viewer’s own contemplation.

“As you encounter the sculpture and look at it, you will notice that it is looking back at you as well. What is he thinking?”

Edition size
50 editions
42.5cm x 40cm x 23cm
Powder-coated steel and clothed resin figure.
Release date
December 08, 2021
Behind the scenes
More about Elmgreen & Dragset

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset were born in the 1960s in Denmark and Norway, and have worked as an artist duo since 1995.