Robert Nava - Untitled 5S

Untitled 5S (2020)

€ 2.000

Robert Nava - Untitled 5S

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • well done, excellent product and customer service

  • Once again amazing quality print from avant arte. Can't fault you! Looking forward to future drops.

  • thank you for the breath of life you bring the art community, you are the poet laureate's of packaging and one day gods will sing your praises. i am in heaven with this purchase!

  • We really appreciate AA being a trusted partner in our collecting journey. The quality offerings that AA helps bring to the market continue to impress.

  • It's awesome! The artwork quality is superb! I really really loved everything you did - the gloves, the totem bag, the letter... amazing! Thanks so much!

  • what an amazing experience from top to bottom. The best communication, print quality and packing. This is my first time purchasing from you and I look forward to my next purchase.

  • outstanding paper quality and excellent packaging. love it.

  • Gorgeous! Really blown away by the packaging.