Living with LUV

LY arrives in London to showcase new horizons for the world of LUV.

LUV skating past four red phone boxes

Part companion, part autobiography, LUV is the name given by Japanese artist LY to the amorphous figure who inhabits her monochrome paintings.

Reliving LY's own experiences, LUV skulks through cityscapes, nature and domestic scenes collecting precious moments – and objects to remember them by. Skateboards and fast food nod 
to her youth in Tokyo. Flowers and dogs, to life with her daughter.

At the same time, the artworks – tinged with "I’ve felt that too" existentialism – call on universal feelings and experiences. LUV lives out a collective impulse to be the protagonist of our own stories, however innocuous they are, and speaks to the ways we endure and understand life as one of many millions.

LUV waiting for the overground train

LUVs at the skate park

Big and little LUV bathing in the canal

Opportunities to collect

Three editions by LY arranged on a white plinth

A trio of limited edition sculptures, launching June 16

LUV'S BURGERS and LIVING WITH LUV offer hand-painted bronze renditions of LY's mysterious subject. LUV'S DOG "PARK", meanwhile, celebrates a recent four-legged addition to the world of LUV and arrives in a bespoke metal case.

To find out about opportunities to collect original artworks, send us an email.

Visit the pop-up

Our upcoming collaboration with LY brings her work to London for the first time. Living with LUV will debut a series of new paintings alongside limited edition sculptures, collectibles and apparel.

Located just off bustling Brick Lane, admission is free and we look forward to seeing you there!

Dray Walk Gallery
91 Brick Ln, E1 6QL

Friday 16 June · 10:00–19:00
Saturday 17 June · 10:00–19:00
Sunday 18 June · 10:00–19:00

LUV sitting on a bench with some flowers and a skateboard

LUVs walking their dogs in the park

LUV at the chippy

For more on LY, visit her artist page.

Photography · Freya Najade for Avant Arte
All artworks courtesy of LY

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