'Personal Effects'

Paul Insect arrives in Amsterdam.

'Personal Effects'

18th November – 2nd December 2021

Lauriergracht 142
1016 RT Amsterdam

Thursday 18th November: 14:00–18:00
Tuesday–Saturday: 12:00–18:00
Sunday–Monday: Closed

'Personal Effects' gathers the results of more than a year lived between novel circumstance and old routine, and attests the self-sustained appetite for experiment found in the studio of an art world maverick. New paintings and sculptures appear alongside their associated effects, effects which – from jig dolls and studio debris to video snippets and polaroid frames – act at once as reference, document and artwork.

row of 5 sculptures on long white plinth with large square painting visible in background
three round paintings on the wall of a concrete-floored, industrial gallery space
six smiling glass sculptures on white plinth with preparatory drawings framed on the wall behind
Not a lot changed for me working during the pandemic, other than the phone not ringing all the time. I work alone in my studio, always have done, and continued to do so through lockdown. 'Personal Effects' is a culmination of work from that quiet time. A series of polaroids document the making of various works – large paintings, sculptures and videos. I've always seen myself as a multidisciplinary artist, I enjoy working with all forms and materials, collaging them like ideas, and this show touches on some of those interests.Paul Insect

Our first show in Amsterdam

exhibition space with exposed brickwor, spotlights and a large wooden table
wooden building facade with large window, a grid of polaroids are visible on the wall inside

Representing our first show in the city where Avant Arte began, 'Personal Effects' takes place on Amsterdam's Lauriergracht, a street with its own rich history for both artists and collectors – from Rembrant’s protégé Govaert Flink to noted impressionist George Hendrik Breitner.

Behind the scenes

polaroid camera with half developed frame, resting on top of a stack of books and pointing towards a paint-splattered wall

stack of polariod images on graffiti-covered desk
bottom left corner of a painting, wrapped in polystyrene and resting on a wooden block

Visits to Paul's studio in the months preceding the show provide an unprecdented view of his practice, culminating in an exhibition film combining footage by photographer and videographer Tim Craig with content from the artist's own extensive archives – screened within the exhibition and now also available to watch online.

Accompanying editions

Created in tandem with original works for the show and released to coincide with its opening, Cosmodela and Cosmodela (Duponti) are a pair of intricately-crafted screenprint editions finished with metallic ink, diamond dust, gold glitter and high-gloss varnish highlights.

Exhibition video by Tim Craig with additional footage provided by Paul Insect. Courtesy of the artist, Tim Craig and Avant Arte.

Studio Images by Tim Craig and Paul Insect. Courtesy of the artist, Tim Craig and Avant Arte.

Installation images by Jonathan de Waart. Courtesy of Jonathan de Waart and Avant Arte.

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