Michael Kagan

We Leave As We Came

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Michael Kagan
71.12 cm
72.39 cm
410gsm Somerset
Print technique
14 colour silkscreen print with textured high gloss details
Printed by
Coriander Studio
2 weeks

Originally painted with oil on linen using his aggressive and forceful brushstroke technique, this image is a classic example of Kagan's recognizable visual language. Language that is balancing between abstraction, when examined from up close, and detailed, almost technical representation when seen as a whole.

3 months of close collaborative efforts between Michael Kagan, Avant Arte and Coriander Studios

Each print is individually signed and numbered by Michael Kagan.

The edition is a 14 colour silkscreen print with textured high gloss details

Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan’s oil-based paintings are eclectic – heavy brush strokes in sharp primary colours do not let the viewer get away easily.

The way Kagan paints attracts attention. His game is not so much one of perspective as it is of immersion. Like through a whirling wind of colours one is hauled into the canvas, nearly hypnotically. To stand further back from the image is an attempt to understand it, while the following step towards it only testifies to an unexplainable magic.

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