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Limited-edition sculptures in glass, bronze, wood, and more. Created in collaboration with leading contemporary artists.

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Studio visits are a tradition shared between artists, curators and gallery owners, meant to facilitate meaningful discussions. During a studio visit, an artist will tour their studio space, showing completed or unfinished pieces, and sharing the nuances of their creative process while illuminating themes and ideas most critical to their work. Studio visits answer a visitor’s most burning questions, like why a sculptor chose to work with ceramics. Or the reasoning behind the colours used.

The discourse brought on by studio visits has the power to deepen a collector’s understanding of their favourite work and the artist who conceptualised it. The thing is, collectors can’t take part in such visits, which can alienate them from the work they own and the artists they love. To bridge this gap, we give collectors access to conversations they wouldn’t get anywhere else by filming our studio visits and posting them on our website.

At Avant Arte, we’re obsessed with empowering collectors by providing exciting opportunities that they might not otherwise have, and that runs deeper than giving collectors the opportunity to buy outstanding works. We give collectors exciting opportunities to learn, understand and enrich their relationship with art.

If you want to learn more about sculptures and the artists who create them, consider watching a sculptor studio visit.

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