glossy red coca-cola vase by Ai Weiwei

Glass Vase

€ 800

  • side vide of a glossy red vase with embossed coca-cola logo
glossy red coca-cola vase by Ai Weiwei

Behind the scenes

  • glossy red vase on a white plinth next to a glass of water and a black pencil

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • love it! beautiful sturdy wooden box and gloves supplied to handle and protect the artwork.

  • awesome experience all around, kudos to you all!

  • The best print buying experience I've had by far. Thank you for all the effort.

  • really a masterpiece to add in my collection!Thanks a lot🙏🏻❤️

  • the print is amazing. cant wait to frame and hang.

  • print looks fabulous! super happy with it!

  • Luv, luv, luv! Simple and clean complexity! A genuine piece of Art to love and admire...daily!

  • It was beautifully packaged and was a joy to unbox. The piece itself is stunning, especially for the price.