Aya Takano

Aya Takano

Playful visions of a future free from social constraints.

“I think that reconnecting with nature will bring us a better world.”

Aya Takano's drawings and paintings share personal and quietly political visions of freedom. Her signature wide-eyed figures are delicately rendered in soft lines and muted hues with watercolor, graphite and oil. She sees her work in lineage from 70s Shōjo manga (girl comics), founded on an ethos of feminine strength and power. Classical literature, folklore, science-fiction and Western Impression...

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Aya Takano was born in 1976 in Saitama, Japan, and now lives and works in Tokyo.


Shortly after graduating she became an assistant for Japanese Superflat pioneer Takashi Murakami, and is now a member of his artistic production studio, Kaikai Kiki.

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Alongside her artistic practice, Takano has published numerous manga novels and essays on science fiction - seeing doubtless contributing to her significant online following.

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Avant Arte and Aya Takano have one upcoming collaboration.