Artist Kpe Innocent sitting cross-legged in his studio

Kpe Innocent

Painting as an act of faith

“I was created because Someone else was creative.”

Kpe Innocent transforms his faith into art – but without the usual symbolism of Western Christian art. His quirky acrylic on canvas paintings show bulbous humanoid figures. Their proportions are exaggerated and dominate their surroundings – large bodies with long limbs and tiny heads. Like the background, the figures are painted in blocks of colour in neutral earthy tones and clean minimalist line...

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Kpe Innocent (he/him) was born in Accra, Ghana in 1994. He continues to live and work in the city.

Did you know?

For a time, the only thing Innocent thought he could draw well from memory was sneakers – the Nike swoosh still features prominently in his paintings.

In their words

“I desire to preach love in its unselfish form, and to let hope fill anyone that encounters any work of mine.”

Collaborations with Kpe Innocent

Avant Arte and Kpe Innocent have one upcoming collaboration.